North East Wildlife is a site dedicated to providing free natural history images to registered charities / schools / countryside teams etc.
I am happy for such organisations to download and use, free of charge, any images I have within these galleries.
I do ask you to do one simple thing in return, a short email letting me know which images you have downloaded and where they are to be used.
It's common courtesy really, and to be honest a small price to pay.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Are The Images Really Free?

All of the images in my galleries can be downloaded totally free of charge. They can be used on your website, in word documents, work sheets, pdf files etc etc as long as a copyright notice to is included with each image along with a link back to this site where appropriate.
My only restriction on use is that no direct linking is to be used to images on my server - failure to do that could lead to you facing an embarrassing situation when I change the original image to one not quite so nice.
If you wish to use the images in print, for example magazines, leaflets, interpretation panels or books then please see below.
I can be contacted via email at

Images For Print Use

Since starting Northeast Wildlife I have been happy to supply images for print use totally free of charge and I would have loved to have continued to do so. However ever increasing energy costs means that keeping my server online 24/7 is becoming more and more expensive. The unbelievable cost of petrol means actually driving somewhere to take photographs is becoming more and more of a problem. On top of that add my telephone line, annual Internet Provider charges, broadband connection and domain name renewal and it's easy to see how it is becoming ever more difficult to keep the galleries going out of my own pocket.
I really have just two choices. Either keep going until inevitably (sooner than later) I just can't afford to keep the site online any more OR try and bring in a little bit of money to keep the site going. The thought of asking for any financial help really annoys me as it smacks in the face of everything I have tried to do with the site but I can't see any alternative.
To make everything as painless as possible I would like to implement an idea suggested to me by one of the countryside teams that use my photos.
A one off annual fee of 50 pounds will effectively pay for the first image you request and from then you can request images as and when you need them. They can then be used as many times as you want, for whatever purpose and totally free for the period of one year. At the moment that small payment covers the use of over 119,000 images. It also covers all images uploaded within that year and as most people know the number of images grows virtully daily.
Not a bad deal I think.
Once you have agreed to the payment you can begin requesting images. These will be made available to you as a downloadable zip file containing the 300dpi files.
As normal I would also ask in return a copy of any printed matter where the image(s) are used (pdf versions are fine) and in all circumstances a note stating Copyright of (and a link back here if possible) would be appreciated. Contact me via email at

The Gallery

I was advised, because of health issues regarding a blocked artery in my left leg, to walk everyday or risk losing the leg which, to be honest, I quite like attached to the rest of my body.
Having to walk on a daily basis meant I needed motivation, so in 2004, at the age of 55 I took up photography again after many, many years away from the hobby.
The images in these galleries are mostly as a result of my daily walks (more precisely my daily stop/start hobbles).

Phocus on nature

The gallery is split into various categories and the number of images will grow almost on a daily basis. By clicking on each thumbnail you will be able to view images at up to 1200 pixels.
Some galleries contain images that are very similar, maybe a birds head is turned just a little more etc. I upload all images so that you can decide which is best suited to your needs rather than me restrict it to the images I prefer. Click the image above or to enter the gallery.
Though I try my best I cannot guarantee that all images are correctly identified. If you see errors or missing IDs that you can correct then please let me know.
Because of the high volume of images in the galleries file sizes are kept quite low and may not reflect the true quality of the original images. However, some images may only suitable for web use.

Latest Uploads
Other Images

Every now and again I'll have a day away from wildlife photography to do something a little different
Local blues bands are a favourite

One Hundred Yards
One Hundred Yards of Natural History

As I said earlier I needed motivation to actually walk and make the effort to save my leg.
Walking was so incredibly painful even after just a few yards that a daily marathon was out of the question. I needed to plan my walks around the fact that I needed to stop every 10 yards or so.
Photographing nature was ideal for that - walk a few yards - look in the grass/bushes etc. for something to snap - walk on another few yards once the leg had recovered sufficiently.
Almost exactly 100 yards along the footpath I had chosen to walk were a couple of ponds with damselflies etc. Those ponds became my boundry and each day I hobbled my way to them and then hobbled my way back to the car. For 265 days I struggled to those ponds and back and over that period built up quite a sizeable collection of images covering virtually everything that grew, moved or drew breath.
With so many images it seemed a shame not to do something with them so I produced a print ready, 72 page booklet which I am more than happy to donate for publication (In exchange for some free printed copies).
The booklet doesn't give tips on how to photograph insects etc. but hopefully will allow people to realise that no matter how short the distance is you can walk there is a wealth of nature to be seen at your feet.

A Pdf version of the book can be downloaded by clicking

All of the images in the book and onsite galleries were taken with Fuji S2, S3, Nikon D200, D300 and D700 cameras, Tamron Di, Nikon and Sigma Lenses.

A Few Examples Of Image Use
Steiner Binoculars
Intro 200
Intro 2020
Dales Highway
Dales Highway

Cambridge Greenbelt
Cambridge Green Belt Project
Sedgefield Council
Sedgefield Council Countryside Team

Northumberland Biodiversity Partnership Durham Biodiversity Partnership MaGical Meadows
Northumberland Biodiversity PartnershipDurham Biodiversity Partnership

Natural England Newcastle City Council
Natural EnglandNewcastle City Council

Go WildSunderland council
Sunderland Council Countryside Team

Xerces Society
Xerces Society Wings magazine

National Trust
National Trust